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RC-1611  1-1/4" Square Pull
w/ Rounded Corners
1-1/4"H X 1-1/4"W X 1"D

RC-1611 1-1/4 Square Pull w/ Rounded Corners
RC-1612  4-1/4" Handle
w/ Rounded Corners
1"H X 4-1/4"W X 1"D

4-1/4 Handle w/ Rounded Corners
BH-1645  6-5/8" Brass Handle
6-5/8"W X 5/8"H X 13/16"D

BH-1646 6-5/8-inch Brass Handle
BH-1646  8-5/8" Brass Handle
8-5/8" W X 5/8" H X 13/16" D

BH-1646 8-5/8-inch Brass Handle
BP-1625  Milled Brass Pull
5/8" W X 5/8" H X 13/16" D   4" spread

BP-1625 Milled Brass Pull
SQ-1607  2" Square Pull
2" H X 2" D X 1-1/16" D

SQ-1607 2-inch Square Pull
SQ-1606  2 1/2" Square Pull
2-1/2" H X 2-1/2" W X 1-1/16" D

SQ-1606 2 1/2-inch Square Pull
SQ-1605  3" Square Pull
3" H X 3" W X 1-1/16" D

SQ-1605 3-inch Square Pull
SQ-1650  1/2" Brass Pull
1/2" W X 1/2" H X 13/16" D

SQ-1650 1/2-inch Brass Pull
ER-1101 Ergonomic Pull
7/8"W X 5/8"H X 1"D

Chrome Tongue
ER-1102 4-7/8" Ergonomic Handle
4-7/8"W X 1-13/16"H X 1-13/16"D

Chrome Handle
ER-1103 8-3/4" Ergonomic Handle
3/4"W X 8-3/4"H X 1-3/4"D

Chrome Handle

Made in America