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Antibacterial / Antimicrobial Finishes

RK-1501  Small Round Pull
1-1/16" DIA X 3/4" D

RK-1501 Small Round Pull
RK-1503  Large Round Pull
1-3/8" DIA X 7/8" D

RK-1503 Large Round Pull
RK-1517  Round Leather Pull
1-5/8" DIA X 13/16" D

RK-1517 Round Leather Pull
BK-1506  Small Braided
Knot Pull
1" DIA X 1-1/4" D

BK-1506 Small Braided Knot Pull
BK-1511  Large Braided
Knot Pull
1-3/4" DIA X 1-5/16" D

BK-1511 Large Braided Knot Pull
BK-1512  Medium Braided
Knot Pull
1-7/16" DIA X 1" D

BK-1512 Medium Braided Knot Pull
HB-1530  Twisted Handle
11/16" H X 5-5/8" W X 2" D

HB-1530 Twisted Handle
HH-1520  Small Handle with Knobs
5/8"H X 4-1/2"W X 1"D

HH-1520 Small Handle with Knobs
HB-1520  Braided Handle
9/16" H X 3-5/8" W X 1-1/2" D

HB-1520 Braided Handle
BB-1915  Baby Rattle Handle
15/16" H X 3-9/16" W X 1-1/4" D

BB-1915 Baby Rattle Handle
LS-1515  Leather Square Pull
1-1/8" H X 1-1/4" W X 3/4" D

LS-1515 Leather Square Pull
LK-1508  Leather Knot
1-1/4" DIA X 1-3/16" D

LK-1508 Leather Knot

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